truck wrap 2Our team recently came up with the idea to test one of our top graphic investments. We decided that the best way to do this is with a personalized truck wrap for our company truck. Determined to evaluate the quality of both our product and service, we opted to utilize the same process and methods that we give our clients!

See the Results for Yourself

In the image above, you can see the completed installation of the final truck wrap design we made for our company vehicle. The delivery of both information and graphic images were spot on! A high quality visual statement is sure to grab the attention of the public, and the legible information will leave a lasting impression.

What Our Wraps Offer

When you are investing in a high impact marketing tool, it is integral to appeal to the widest range of consumers available. A mobile marketing package can reach a new targeted audience with every drive! This enables new impressions in each new location, and an overall increased interest generated with the public!

By offering these wraps with a one-time reasonable payment, you can see the difference in your monthly costs. Many stationary signs that appeal to large groups of people (billboards, bench signs, etc.) can be more financially draining with monthly payments required. This affordable graphic option gives you the freedom to spend that monthly difference on other aspects of your business!

Appeal to a variety of consumers with many customizing options. We can use industry relevant images for service industries, custom designs for specific businesses, and even creative color combinations for personal vehicles.

The Differences in Mobile Marketing Tools

Vehicle Magnets – A vehicle magnet is a must have for businesses that take their vehicles home to deed restricted communities. This allows the ability to advertise during business hours, and then the compliance with neighbor ordinances in the evenings.

Decals/Window Perfs – Sometimes a full wrap is not within your budget, or just doesn’t work for your ideal design. This is where the use of decals comes in. They can be measured and cut to fit only the sides or certain areas of your vehicle! Window perfs offer the same option, only with the addition of interior vehicle privacy and protection while maintaining optical clarity.

Wraps– A full body wrap has the power to grab attention from all sides. This large scale graphic package is produced in sections with professional seam matching for a finalized look. With such a big marketing tool, you can effectively relay a larger amount of information, and this is great for businesses that offer a variety of locations or services!

Would you like to hear more about the completed truck wrap installation project in Denver, Colorado? Are you curious about the benefits these products can bring your business specifically? Contact our team of graphic professionals! We will share the answers you need, and more!

Written by: Xcelerated Signs and Graphics – Denver, Colorado